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CIO Power Africa

Why CIO Power Africa?

In February 2019, Johannesburg, South Africa will play host to Sub-Saharan Africa’s No.1 Business to Business CIO Power Summit, which will bring together the senior IT decision makers from the IPP, PPP and National Power communities across the region to focus on Information Technology within the Power Sector.

The digital revolution is here to stay within the power industry. If the last decade was about generating cheap, plentiful renewable energy, the next one will be about making energy generation, transmission and distribution systems smarter. Huge growth in low-cost processing power, advances in big data management and growing cloud capabilities, coupled with the acceleration in analytics and machine-learning, have the potential to transform the way we generate, purchase and sell electricity.

The World Economic Forum estimates that $1.3 trillion could be generated by digitalising electricity generation worldwide between 2016 and 2025 . It lists five areas in particular – better management of asset performance, real-time data platforms, integration of energy storage and customer-centric solutions – that it believes will individually unlock at least $100 billion of value over the ten-year period.
An overhaul of the power industry is long overdue. Power generation networks have become much more complex in recent years, thanks mainly to the rise in renewable energy power generation and the growing number of small, distributed power producers. Demand for power is also increasing in all African countries, yet grid infrastructure is often old and incapable of supporting additional capacity. Equipment is both difficult and costly to maintain, but tighter regulations are driving the industry to be more efficient and cleaner than ever.

The CIO Power Summit is leading the way to the digital revolution within the African power sector and will cover all of the major topics that are hot in the industry right now. From analytics to IOT, connectivity to cyber security, the CIO Power Summit is the go to event in Africa to keep up to date with digital transformation and a place for end users to meet with technology companies who are developing tomorrows technologies today.


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Date: February 12, 2019  
Location: Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa

Category: IT

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Tinuoye Oshodi

Service Delivery Manager, NNCC
Telephone: + 234 909 648 0190.

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